About ME

Hello. I am Ludmila Solovyova. Let me tell you a little about myself.

How much I remember myself, I always drew, from childhood. Since I discovered an amazing world of 3d art and it became my true passion. I feel a true pleasure from the process of creation. I enjoy working on character models. For me it is important to pay attention to details and little things of each my model. I’m trying to make my models look perfect.

When I studied in art Institute I was greatly influenced by the masters of painting and always tried to reach such a high level and create something unique. When I got carried away 3d, I spent much spare time studying the experience and acquiring skills of eminent 3D professionals, getting inspired by their masterpieces and creating my works. So, that’s how I got my start. My main goal is to make such work, looking at that people would say : it is really cool work)) 

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